Chinese Corner

CICSU’s Chinese Corner is a free class open to the public that focuses on improving students’ Chinese language abilities. Students come to practice their oral Chinese, to learn or improve their Chinese characters, and to experience Chinese culture. Each Chinese Corner has its own topic, such as discussions on Chinese film, classical musical instruments, or cultural clashes, etc., which further deepen the students’ understanding of Chinese language and culture. This is also a good opportunity for students that study Chinese at CSU or elsewhere to come ask questions/get help with their homework.

This class is for adults only.

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Chinese I

This Chinese course is designed for beginners and features practical communication and daily Chinese. The course uses subject-based teaching, with each lesson taught being centered on 2-3 topics and accompanied by the practice of communicative skills. After completing this course, students are expected to master 150 Chinese characters and understand the elementary language elements (pronunciation, Chinese characters, vocabulary, grammar), as well as broaden their understanding of certain cultural details. After completing this course students will be able to have basic oral conversations regarding their daily lives in Chinese, and will be able to use their Chinese in simple social situations.

This class is for adults only.