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Chinese III (Part 2)

This class will focus on the second half of the HSK 3 Textbook.

Chinese IV (Part 1)

This course is a language skill course for those who have learned Chinese before. After completing this course, students are expected to: master about 1,200 Chinese words and commonly-used grammar; be capable of reading comprehensively; improve writing abilities, including narrative writing and argumentative writing; communicate with Chinese speakers fluently on topics like travelling, science, life style, food, internet, etc., and be able to pass the HSK 4.

This class is for adults only.


Chinese IV (Part 2)

This course is a continuation of HSK 4 (part 1) and will complete the lessons in textbook 1 as well as begin the lessons in textbook 2.

Chinese V (Part 1)

This course will prepare students for the HSK 5 examination. Due to the complexity of the course and the amount of content covered it has been broken in to 3 parts.

Mandarin Chinese Club - Zach Elementary

Course Description: Beginning – intermediate level instruction in Mandarin Chinese speaking, listening, reading and writing; introduction to composition and reading of simple written messages in Chinese. This class covers sports, directions, hobbies, daily routines, animals, the environment and more.

Private Class

Are you too busy to attend our scheduled classes or want a class tailored to you? We can set up a private or small group class to meet your needs. Private classes can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you, cover content that you would like to learn, and with a total of 15 lessons you can take 1 per week for a whole semester or take multiple classes per week to expedite your Chinese learning. Please contact us for available class times.