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Travel Chinese I

This course is designed for those who are planning to travel in China. It starts with boarding the plane, then checking in to the hotel, shopping, restaurants, traffic, sightseeing, going back home, etc. Learners will master expressions that are useful in China. It includes everyday phrases, situational conversations, and commonly-used vocabulary, progressing step by step.

This class is for adults only.


Youth Chinese - I (Grades 6 - 12)

Course Description: This class opens the door to Chinese language and culture through a variety of activities, such as basic everyday conversation, folk songs, handicrafts and games. Students will gain basic skills in greetings and self-introduction, and learn Pinyin– the Mandarin phonetic system, pronunciation and Chinese characters.

Youth Chinese - II (Grades 6 - 12)

Course Description: Intermediate level instruction in Mandarin Chinese speaking, listening, reading and writing; introduction to composition and reading of simple written messages in Chinese. This class covers sports, directions, hobbies, daily routines, animals, the environment and more.

Youth Chinese - III (Grades 6 - 12)

Course Description: In this Chinese immersion course, students are instructed to maximize their abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese. Each lesson features sections on vocabulary, exercises, character practice, and a reading challenge. After this class, students will be able to conduct conversations related to their daily life in a clear and colorful manner.

Youth Chinese - IV (Grades 6 - 12)

This course is to help advanced students prepare for the YCT 4 examination

Youth Chinese - V (Grades 6 - 12)

This course is to help advanced students prepare for the YCT 5 examination.